3 Days in Venice


These past few weeks has easily been some of the busiest but yet exciting weeks of my life. From travelling around the French part of Switzerland over the weekend to going to Germany and getting a chance to really experience Europa Park and then finally going to Italy all within the space of two weeks. That’s 5 different hotels in 14 days so you can only imagine how excited I was to get back home and settle back into my routine, in Switz

I was fortunate enough to go to Italy for about a week and we went to Venice to kick off our trip. It has always been a dream of mine to go to Venice and before now I always thought that that’s all it would ever be. Venice is unbelievably beautiful and the entire experience was completely surreal.

We arrived in Venice on a Saturday after taking a train from Zürich to Venice after switching in Milan. This was to be my second time in Italy and I could not wait to go back to the beautiful country.  Unfortunately, it was still quite cold while we were in Venice. Think grey skies, strong winds and a little rain – however, that didn’t make our experience any less special.  People say that you never really know a city until you get lost, which is exactly what I did… Two of my friends and I got lost on our second night in Venice and although we were two hours late for dinner and starving, seeing Venice in that way just made the trip unforgettable.

Venice is completely and utterly flooded with tourists and almost everyone works in the tourism industry because that’s one of the biggest ways the city makes its money. It was sometimes quite difficult to make our way through the narrow streets and we often lost someone along the way – we always found them soon after though and it was often quite funny.
During our tour of the city, we came to realise that the city actually does get really flooded which is why no one lives on the first floor of their house. The living area usually begins only on the second floor and works its way up from there.

We didn’t stay on the mainland so we had to go by boat everyday – it was mind blowing to see that for us a boat is something special but for the people living there it`s just like taking a bus to work, nothing out of the ordinary.

Although the rivers are like the streets of Venice, they do actually have streets and bridges for those who don’t own gondolas. Overall Venice was definitely an experience of a lifetime and I'd love to go back sometime in the near future. Have any of you been to Italy? What did you think of it?