J.Cole Live In Zürich | What Dreams May Come Tour 28.11.2013


If you follow me on twitter or instagram, you`ll know exactly how excited I was to see one of my all time favourite rappers live in concert...
Ever since I found out about the event about a month ago, I've been tweeting and posting pictures on instagram like crazy, expressing my excitement, (I am sure I must have annoyed my followers quite a bit) and finally the event has come and gone...


Held at club Komplex 457 in the city of Zürich on thursday the 28th of November, the event was attended by quite a number of people and with the venue being quite small (the size of an average club), it made the entire concert incredibly intimate which, in my opinion, is much better than a concert held at any stadium or arena (unless you're in the golden circle of course.)

The doors opened at about 19h00 and although I only got there at 18h30, I still managed to secure a place quite close to the stage with only two people in front of me.
The concert was due to start at 20h00 but the opening acts only came onto the stage around 20h.40 (for some reason, concerts almost always start late), but it was not that big of a deal because the resident DJ over at Komplex 457 kept us entertained with some killer tracks.

Eventually the DJ packed up and made some room for the opening acts, it was round this time that everyone got really excited as we knew we were that much closer to seeing the one and only Jermaine Lamarr Cole. The first opening act was a rapper called Bas who is part of Dreamville Records. It was the first time I had heard about him, but after seeing him perform live, I really do think he's one of the sickest up and coming rappers out there. His mixtape `Quarter Water Raised Me Vol. II` can be downloaded for free, so go and get it and you'll understand exactly what I am talking about.
Bas then brought out another one of Dreamville's up and coming rappers called Omen, who was just as crazy. Both rappers got the crowd so hyped up that they could of actually stayed on stage and held down the concert, but J.Cole is who we were there for and he was who we wanted.


A couple of minutes after taking to the stage, the band started playing and the backup singers joined in shortly thereafter. Trouble was the perfect opening song and J.Cole finally stumbled onto the stage just in time to join the backup singers on the hook.
He has a certain presence that cannot be described, only felt. As soon as he stepped onto the stage the atmosphere of the venue changed completely. He definitely had our full attention.
Most of the songs he performed was off of his sophomore album, Born Sinner, but of course he performed some classics as well like Blow Up, Lit (with Bas), Workout, Can't get enough, and one of my all time favourites; In the morning.

At some point half way through the show he told us about his Dollar and a Dream tour that he had done before embarking on his current tour, What Dreams May Come. He explained that sometimes he would perform at venues that size or sometimes smaller where he could see everyone`s face and that was when he would ask the crowd what they would like to hear, and of course that is exactly what he did.
Naturally, the crowd went wild with everyone screaming out the name of their favourite song. He answered some fans and even asked them to repeat what they had said and that is exactly what he did to me! I kept shouting "LOST ONES!" (which is one of my favourite J.Cole songs because it was the first track of his that I ever heard back when I was in high school), and when he came to the right side of the stage (which is where I was standing), he pointed at me and said "What did you say?", and after I repeated myself he replied with: "Lost Ones? Yeah, for the ladies" and the crowd went crazy (or well atleast the ladies did.)

He sang a couple of the songs that the crowd requested and yes, Lost Ones was one of them. You can imagine how excited that made me, the interaction was just amazing.

He ended off the concert by performing the smasher Power Trip, and I can't even find the words to describe what it's like to hear that song LIVE!
One of my favourite things about the show was the fact that after performing the final song, he jumped off of the stage, walked along the crowd and shook as many hands as he possibly could. I managed to shake his hand twice which was absolutely mind-blowing. He is so down to earth and the fact that he made the effort to interact with the crowd made the entire experience unforgettable.

I can't end off this post without mentioning the amazing band and backup singers. The crew killed it on stage and brought so much power and energy to the room. The beautiful back-up singers were on point and had such strong yet breath-taking voices that demanded your attention. The event all in all was well rounded and balanced, but of course you'd expect nothing less than high quality from this world class rapper and his crew.

To end off an amazing night on an even higher note, I managed to get a picture with the opening acts Bas and Omen who are both part of J.Cole`s camp, and even met some new people. This was by far one of the best concerts I have ever been to, so if you ever have the opportunity to attend one of J.Cole`s concerts, or if he is coming to your city, do everything in your power to be at that concert. I promise you won`t regret it.