Skiing Trip In Austria


So far my year has been absolutely mind-blowing with new opportunities and experiences around each corner. I kicked off the year by going on an amazing two week long Ski trip. First, we went to Austria for one week and from there straight to the Swiss Alps for another week. Since I come from South Africa I obviously had no idea how to ski but I was keen to learn in any case. I learnt to ski on the first day of our trip and two days later I was fortunate enough to join a Ski School in Schoppernau, Austria.
My course lasted about 4 days and already on the third day we were skiing on the Diedamskopf mountain which is 2060m high.  From the top of the mountain we were able to see most of the mountains in Austria and even some in Switzerland which was absolutely breathtaking. The second week we were in Savognin, Switzerland and by then I was able to ski by myself.  We were fortunate to have good weather to be able to ski almost every day - there are few things more beautiful than snow covered mountains on a sunny day.. Skiing is not something one can easily explain, it's something you have to experience yourself. It's quite strenuous and not easy at first, but its definitely worth all the practice. Going down a 2060m high slope, cruising at 10 - 20 miles p/h and feeling the icy wind on your face while soaking up some vitamin D is indescribable.. Adrenaline junkies, what are you waiting for?!

Which extreme sports have you been a part of?

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