The City of Bern


It`s no secret that travelling is the love of my life, which is why I just had to visit the world renowned city of Bern after being in the country for just a few days. Being one of the most popular cities of Switzerland, Bern attracts thousands of tourists each here. I visited the old part of the city which has a very vintage and medieval feel to it - absolutely breath taking.

It took just under two hours to get there by train, but it was worth the wait. After seeing the parliamentary buildings, I had a chance to walk through the streets which was filled with hipsters, tourists and buskers at the time. This gave me some insight into the culture of the city.


Complete with cobblestone streets and sand stone buildings, Bern is also home to the Aare River which is the longest river in Switzerland. It's also one of the fastest flowing rivers which makes it quite a popular place for avid swimmers. One particular attraction that caught my eye was the Bear Park. Along the river is a bear pit with a few adorable bears, open to the public (the bears are obviously enclosed so they are of no danger to the public what so ever.)
The bear plays quite a significant part in the history of Bern which explains the bear on the coat and shield (I won`t spend too much time explaining the history about it, you can read up on that at your own leisure.)

Hands down, Bern is definitely one of my favourite cities in Switzerland. Fashion, Lifestyle, Architecture and Great food can all be found in one place. 

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